exercise instructions

standing long jump

  • Stand behind a line or some other marker that can be used as a starting position.

  • Feet are shoulder-width apart.

  • Swing your arms back behind you and bend your knees.

  • Using the momentum, swing your arms forward and jump with a 2-foot take-off (both feet leave the ground at the same time) forward as far as you can.

  • Land on both feet and don’t fall backward. 

  • Have someone watch you and mark where your feet land from your starting position. If your hands land behind you, then mark from where your hands touched the ground. 

jump rope

  • Have someone time you and on the word GO, see how many revolutions of jumping rope you can perform in one minute.

  • Jump Rope Form Components: Arms are held at a 45-degree angle in relation to your body. Using wrist action, turn the rope over your body. Take off and land on two feet. Body is in a straight posture while jumping


  • Shuttle Run (30 feet distance between 2 cones or other objects)

  • Place 2 blocks or 2 objects of your choice at the second cone.

  • Line up beside the first cone (starting position).

  • Have someone time you and on the word GO, sprint to the second cone. Pick up 1 of the objects and sprint back to the starting cone and place the object next to it. 

  • After placing the object, turn and sprint back to the second cone and retrieve the second object. Pick it up and sprint back past the starting cone.

push ups

  • Hold your body up in a full plank position (full arm extension, straight back, up on balls of your feet). 

  • Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width.

  • When you lower yourself towards the ground, your elbows will bend at a 90-degree angle and your chest is about 2 inches from the ground. 

  • Then push yourself back up into your starting position. 

curl ups

  • Lie on your back and cross your arms over your chest.

  • Keep your knees bent. Feet are less than shoulder-width apart.

  • Using your core muscles, pull yourself up off the ground all the way to the top of your knees.

  • Once you’re at the top, use your core to carry yourself back to the ground.

single leg squat

  • Have someone time you and on the word GO, perform as many single-leg stance squats that you can in 30 seconds.

  • Single Leg Stance with Squat Components: Balance body weight on one leg

  • Opposite leg comes forward (in front of your body) and as straight as you can hold it (ideally, the knee should not be bent) and arms reach out in front of you

  • Bend leg that you have your body weight on (90 degrees) and perform 1 squat d. Then, push yourself back up into your starting position. 

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